Call For Presentations


To commemorate the 400-year anniversary of the “20 and odd”, the first documented enslaved Africans arriving to British Colonial North America, we focus on our direct and indirect connection to them. In addition, we will be concentrating on who they were and what happened to them after they arrived. We will also focus on the evolution of the institution of slavery.

The following are suggestions for other focus areas and session topics:

  • Your story about your connections to the  “20 and odd” Africans. 
  • Actual cases of genealogical research leading to your connection to enslaved ancestor(s).
  • Using probate and other records to find enslaved ancestors.
  • Unknown slave narratives.
  • Unknown history of the slavery in the United States.
  • Research on slavery and its psychological impact on the enslaved and their descendants.
  • Family stories of enslavement.
  • Reconstruction (1865-1890), the immediate period following formal slavery.
  • Stories of triumph over slavery.
  • Abolition stories and research relating to abolition.
  • Using manumission records.
  • Economic effect of slavery in the United States. 
  • Storytelling and ways to tell the story of our enslaved ancestors to others.
  • Revolutionary War/Civil War/WWI and Freedmen in the Armed Services. 

These topics are merely suggestions. We are looking for presenters who have solidly researched their topic area, are able to inform a diverse audience, and deliver insightful and enjoyable presentations.  Authors and possible candidates for keynote and general assembly gatherings may also submit their proposals.

Proposal Format:
I.            Session Title
II.           Name(s) of Session Presenters – indicate lead
III.          Research skill level of audience
IV.          Purpose/learning objective
V.           Session description- Provide narrative of information to be covered in the presentation  (This information will be included in the Conference Program).
VI.          Include presenter(s) biographical information.
VII.         Include list of resources and/or bibliography.
VIII.       AV Requirements (this must be included in your initial proposal) Please indicate if you need a projector, document cam, TV/VCR, DVD, flipchart, portable sound system, microphone, table, or podium.


1.     All presenters agree to participate at their own expense. A token of appreciation is offered, however it does not cover conference costs. Please take this into consideration before submitting or agreeing to participate.

2.     Session materials, bios, etc. will be included in the conference program.

Submit proposals here.

Proposals must be received no later than March 15, 2019 (*EXTENDED) and should not exceed 12 pages.  Proposals must include  all required information, including: your complete name; email address; telephone number(s); and postal mail address.   Notice of acceptance will be sent by April 15, 2109.

Presenters may also submit proposals by email; however we prefered all presentation be submitted online here. Please use *.doc or *.pdf file formats. Proposals submitted via email should be sent to with “2019 SDUSMP Conference” in the subject line.  Proposals submitted by postal mail should be sent to: SDUSMP 2019 Annual Conference, PO Box 5002, Trenton, NJ 08638.