2018 Conference

Thank you to all of our Presenters, Attendees, Honorees, and Honorary and Charter Members!  The conference was a success because of you!

Conference Highlights

2018 Program

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2018 Awardees

At our conference on June 2, 2018, we honored the work of the following individuals who sought to identify and uplift the contributions of enslaved people. Each award is named after an enslaved or freed person who made an outstanding contribution to our country, in spite of experiencing the horrors of US slavery.   The awardees worked tirelessly to uncover history and disseminate it to others.  They are genealogist, community leaders, authors, fundraisers, family historians, and researchers.  We appreciate their efforts and congratulate them on their outstanding work.

Below are vignettes about our awardees:
Frederick Douglass Service Award to Richard Cellini
Sojourner Truth Service Award to Dr. Martha A. Sandweiss
Crispus Attucks Service Award to Calvin M. W. Pearson
Elijah Abel Service Award to Darius Gray
Phillis Wheatley Literary Award to Daina Berry
Ida B. Wells Service Award to Zann Nelson
Solomon Northup Family Award to the Syphax Family
William and Ellen Craft Member Award to Skip Richardson and Gigi Best-Richardson
Phillis Wheatley Literary Award to Margot Lee Williams
Williams Wells Brown Service Award to Ric Murphy
Harriet Tubman Service Award to LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson
Special Certificate of Recognition to Amy Thiriot
Frederick Douglass Service Award to Nettie Washington Douglass, Kenneth B. Morris, Jr., and Robert J. Benz