Board of Directors 2019-2020

Sons and Daughters of the United States Middle Passage is incorporated in Washington, DC. It is organized as a public charity under the 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  It was started in 2011 by four founding board members (see below).  The current list of officers and registrars are: 

2019-2020 Board Members

  • Dr. Evelyn A. McDowell, Ph.D., President and Founding Board Meeting
  • GiGi Best-Richardson, Vice President
  • Kathryn Puckett, Esq, Founding Board Member and Secretary 
  • Felicia Correa, Treasurer
  • Honorable Anita Laster Mays
  • Abasi Aniton, Founding Board Member 
  • Robert S. Burch, Jr., Board Member
  • Adrienne Albiodun, Board Member


Desmond Hamilton, Founding Board Member (retired from the board)
Ric Murphy, Registrar General, Our First Registrar
The Board is advised by an advisory group consisting of current members, genealogist, and historians.

Membership. The organization has two types of membership, director and legatee.  A director is responsible for the everyday administration of the organization and has fiduciary responsibility and control.  A legatee is a member-at-large and is responsible for carrying out the mission of the organization at a local level.  The roles and responsibilities of both types of members are outlined in the bylaws of the organization.